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What is Living the Good Life Naturally?

Living the Good Life Naturally consists of 1. Healthy Living 2. Permaculture and 3. Financial Freedom. Click below for more information.

1. Healthy Living

Leaving No Stone Unturned.
At Living the Good Life Naturally we believe healthy living is a state of mind. Healthy diet and exercise are simply not enough. You have to set your intentions to be healthy not just do healthy. I have clients that just do healthy. They are angry control freaks who aren’t living healthy lifestyles with the people in their lives.
Being healthy is more than what you put in your mouth. It is maintaining healthy relationships, it is being ok with who you are right now, it is about the fine line between living in the present while working for the future. Join me in building a more healthy lifestyle baby step by baby step.

2. Permaculture

Sustainable Nutrition
Permaculture is design principles to enhance the sustainability of your property big or small. Permaculture works with the environment you live in not against it. Polyculture, water harvesting, food forest, hugelculture and much much more are all involved in the process of Permaculture. Join me this year as I turn my newly acquired 1908 house into a grand Permaculture experiment. Check for blog posts, videos and maybe even sign up for one of our Permaculture workshops to join in on one of the many incredible projects that we will running on our property.

3. Financial Freedom

Sharing Your Gifts
You have gifts, talents that others do not. The first step towards becoming a entrepreneur is recognizing that the gifts you have, others will pay for. The thing that comes easiest to yo is your most marketable trait. You don’t even realize it because you are so good at it. Join in on one of our Financial Freedom classes/workshops to learn what your gift is and how to take the first steps towards making it marketable.
You will learn:

    Creating systems so you control your business and not the other way around!
    Mastering your mindset! Learn how to approach your business with healthy goals and expectations of what it can do for you and your family.
    Recognizing your own potential and learning how to claim it!
    And much more